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Our company provides affordable services to satisfy all of your needs. We serve all of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Trees are a beautiful part of nature, but they need regular care just like everything else needs scheduled maintenance.  We provide a variety of services such as:

​In most cases a thorough trim-up will solve your problems, and for larger trees will prevent damage due to a large branches landing on either your home or car. 

A common dilemma that many of our customers face are angry neighbors who constantly want you to cut one of your trees that is located close to their property.  With our help, you’ll make yourself and your neighbors much happier without burning a hole in the wallet!

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We’ve got the tools and expertise to get the job done quickly, and effectively for all of our fantastic customers here in Wilmington.

To get rid of all the remnants that remained, you’ll need some to have the stump removed as well.  A lot of people hold off on taking it out for the sake of spreading out the cost.

If it’s left neglected for too long, then not only are you losing space in your yard, but you have to deal with it rotting. Stump rot not only looks horrible, but it will likely be infested with insects such as termites.  The further away you can keep termites from your home the better. 

Wood chips can also benefit your yard and keep it a bit healthier.  We have the proper equipment to begin right away, all we’re waiting for is your call!

These are only some of our services. For more, please visit Wilmington Local Tree Service.

You will always be greeted by our employees with a high degree of respect, a smile, and a handshake.

If you reside in the area, then give us a call today to find out exactly how we can help you, and get you started with an affordable estimate!

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