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We Maintain Trees Of All Sizes

​As a tree services provider, most people assume that the services we offer are limited to removing dead or dying trees and cleaning up after storm damage.

Whilst these are both very important services that we have been proud to offer for a number of years now, it is by no means the limit of what we offer to the trees of Wilmington – and their owners!

One thing we offer is our comprehensive tree trimming service, which is described elsewhere on this website.

But again this is not the limit of our services when it comes to issues of tree maintenance. 

We offer a range of additional services all designed to maintain healthy trees in your yard or elsewhere.

One such service we supply is as a development consultancy, where we can be called in during the planning stages of a new yard.

If you are going to, or already have, spent the time and energy clearing, planning and planting your new yard then you want to know that everything you use out there – from the grass to the flowers in the borders is the best possible product. 

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​Allowing for trees within your yard design is a sure fire way to add a sense of grand scale and aesthetic appeal to your new yard design – however choosing the best trees can make or break the design itself.

We can assist by making expert recommendations based upon your soil type, sun exposure and a range of other variables, to advise you of the best possible trees to plant – saving you time, money and helping to provide a yard that will be a source of pride for years to come.

Our arborists are also highly trained and skilled at diagnosing and, if called in early enough treating a variety of tree diseases. Therefore if you notice any of the tell tale signs of a tree in distress, then is a good idea to contact us as early as possible.

Signs include:

  • Discolouration in leaves
  • Patches of poor or non existent growth amongst the leaf crown
  • Serious cracking in the trunk and/or bald trunk patches where the bark has sloughed away
  • Growths of mushrooms or fungi anywhere on the tree itself or the ground above the roots.

One or more of these symptoms can indicate a tree that is in trouble.

Calling in our trained staff early can often save the tree, which in turn saves you money down the line by stopping problems before they accelerate and cause the tree to die. A dead or dying tree presents a real safety risk, and will have to be removed, a far more complex and expensive process then performing simple tree maintenance during the early signs of problems.

In addition to the tree trimming service that we offer then, our tree maintenance service is an easy way to promote the healthy growth of your trees. A simple maintenance and inspection routine will provide you with trees that will be an asset to your for years to come – so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the wide range of services that we supply. 

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