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Why Prune Your Trees

The best way to think of pruning the trees in your yard is to think of it like they are getting a haircut.

That may sound a little strange (ok, more than a little!) but it really is true!
The main purpose of this service is to cut back and remove unwanted growth and to let the beauty that this growth was hiding shine though – just like a haircut, right?
Again, to keep with the haircut analogy, sometimes we can do it ourselves and it looks ok.

But deep down, we now that for the really special results sometimes we have to call in the pros – and that’s where we come in! 

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What Proper Pruning and An Arborist Can Do For Your Yard?

There are a whole host of benefits to getting your trees trimmed and pruned by a professional service like us, benefits like:
Promote Healthy Growth – This technique works in two ways to promote healthy growth. First, by carefully cutting in some areas we can promote the growth of healthy branches and leaves in others. Professional pruning also promotes the growth of healthy roots. This makes your tree healthy, stable and better able to survive storms, high winds and snowfall without serious damage. Speaking of which…
Survivability – We’re going to guess that you want your trees around for a long time. If you do, then you’ll know that storms, high winds & snow can all cause serious damage and even cause your tree to fall. As we discussed above, this technique can help to promote healthy root growth. But it can also protect the tree by removing surplus growth.

Unneeded growth in the form of branches and leaves can block the wind instead of letting it flow around the tree. It can also collect snowfall, piling additional weight onto the tree. This can cause serious damage if not addressed.
Make Your Trees Shine – Trees are beautiful, and they can be real assets to any yard. Just like a diamond that must be polished to make it shine, so your trees must be cared for to make them shine too! By cutting back foliage and trimming unsightly growth, we can help to make your trees the diamonds in your back yard crown.
Treat Disease – In addition to the weather, another big threat to the long-term health of your trees comes form disease. When we work on your trees we are also inspecting them. This allows us to spot the signs and symptoms of diseases early, and we can offer advice and treatments to stop disease in it’s tracks – prolonging the lifespan of your trees.
If that all sounds like great reasons to get your trees trimmed and pruned then rest assured, these benefits are really just the most stand out ones, because this page is simply not long enough to describe in full all the wonderful benefits of this service.
So don’t hang around  – we’re ready & waiting for your call so we can discuss your options and provide a commitment free, no obligation quote.
Get in touch to give your yard the haircut it deserves! 

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