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If you are looking for a tree service company to remove trees from your property then you need to find a company that is going to do the job right – luckily for you though, you’ve just found that company.

We have been operating in Wilmington, North Carolina for a number of years now, providing an outstanding level of service to people just like you.

Our dedication to professionalism, safety and customer service is second to none – and you should know that all three are very important considerations when you are choosing a tree service to perform removals.

After you have contacted us and provided us with details of the tree or trees that need to be removed, the first thing we will do is arrange a time for an onsite visit.

During this visit we will be able to provide a quote for our services, as well as talk you through the best options available for the removal of your tree(s).

Call (910) 218-8212

Broadly speaking, there are three options open to us when it comes time to remove your tree. During our visit we will assesses the practicality of each service in relation to your specific requirements, the type and size of tree plus its location within your property.
Only by doing this are we able to provide the truly bespoke service tailored to your specific needs. The type of service, by the way, that we are famous for here in Wilmington.

This also means that we are able to offer you the most cost effective tree removal service. We will help you choose the tree removal option that best combines our desire to safely and efficiently remove your tree – at the most competitive price we can offer.
Our staff will discuss all the details with you during our comprehensive visit to your property, however to give you just a brief idea, here are the three main methods of tree removal open to us:


What is normally considered the “classic” way to bring down and remove a tree – or at least the method most people picture seem to picture in their minds. This method involves the tree being cut with chainsaws and brought down to the ground via gravity.
However, it is much more complicated procedure than that simple description may suggest! For one thing, we need to ensure that when the tree falls, we have complete control over its falling path and also where it will land.  We do not want it to land on your house for example!

Therefore it requires a highly skilled tree surgeon or arborist – of the type that we supply, to ensure a successful and safe tree felling. 

Climbing, Dismantling and Throwing 

In situations where a felling is not possible, then we may employ this technique to remove your tree. Our trained staff will ascend the tree in a harness rig, and cut it into pieces working from the top down the trunk toward the ground.

We will use this in situations where a safe felling is difficult or impossible – such as where the tree is exceptionally large, or where it is placed close to property or power lines, with an insufficient drop zone.

Climbing, Dismantling and Lowering 

Similar to the above method, except the tree pieces are lowered carefully to the ground using ropes and winches. A very technical removal, it is employed where a felling is difficult and falling branches and trunk pieces may damage the ground – such as a tree located in a ornamental garden or close to manicured lawns. 

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