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​If you have trees as part of your yard property then you should certainly consider contacting us to discuss our comprehensive tree trimming service. 

After all, overgrown trees can really ruin the aesthetic of a yard. This fact will be more then apparent to anyone who has spent any time trying to make an attractive and inviting outdoor space.

In the summer, an overgrown tree line can significantly reduce the sunshine that enters your yard, plunging it into cold shade when you want warm summer sunshine!

 In autumn and winter that overgrown tree is going to make its presence felt by depositing a TON of leaf litter.

What’s more – an overgrown tree can be dangerous, a hazard both to property and to people.

When a tree overgrows, some branches will become more susceptible to damage then would ordinarily be the case with a well-maintained tree.

These branches in turn are more likely to die, and become dead wood. 

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If you have ever seen or held dead wood before, you will know that is it both very dry and very brittle. Living wood in a healthy tree is surprisingly flexible.

That’s why trees can bend and sway in a strong breeze. Dead and dying wood can’t do this – meaning that during inclement weather such as strong winds or a storm the dead material is likely to break away unexpectedly – and plummet down onto whatever is below the tree at the time. This could be the roof of your house or – even worse – a person unfortunate enough to be under the tree.

For both aesthetic appeal and, more importantly, safety it is imperative that your trees are kept well maintained and trimmed.
Tree trimming is a service we are proud to offer right here in Wilmington.

If you have never employed a tree service to provide a trim to your trees then please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our staff will talk thorough the trimming services available to you, and arrange a suitable date for our staff to either perform an assessment visit at your property, or even to start the work itself.

We recommend that trees be trimmed at least once per year to maintain healthy growth that is safely controlled.

Furthermore, many people assume that the best time to trim trees is during the summer, and often put off contacting us until the warmest months of the year. In reality however it really has no impact on the tree at all what season the trim takes place in.

From your point of view however, it may be a good idea to consider bringing us in during the winter months. For one thing, if you have shedding trees then, with the leaves gone after autumn our arborist will have easier access to all the branches on the tree.

By trimming in winter, you will also give the tree sufficient time to recover that so that is can grown a nice, healthy crown of leaves in time for summer so the trees can look their best for the time when you want to be out enjoying your yard in all it’s glory. 

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