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​To every Wilmington, NC home and business owner,

Do you need a large tree cut down and hauled away?

Maybe it’s an annoying stump that has to be grinded down or some arborist work is in order.

Whichever service you’re in need of, our company can help.

We do all residential and commercial work and can be reached at (910) 218-8212 so call us today and set up a FREE estimate.

We take every precaution to ensure that we hire the best employees possible for the job.  Our company then takes these hard working people and trains them to make them into experts! 

They’re safe and have all of the experience needed to leave you without a single worry!

We don’t just specialize in one particular thing, but also in customer satisfaction!  We’re not the only guys in the state of North Carolina, but we want to make you happy by doing business with us. 

We train our staff to treat you the same way we would want to be treated by any contractor, or hired help that we work with.  We’ve heard horror stories of mistreatment by companies and their staff all around the country, and we take it as a learning experience.

Maintaining Your Trees Healthy and Strong

Trim-up is an essential part of any maintenance cycle no matter where you live. It will help you keep your leafy friends healthy, and your yard looking much more attractive.

We take it seriously and believe in doing it properly so you won’t have to call us back several more times during the year to do it again. 

Other businesses that do this will only trim your branches back far enough to tell a difference so that you’ll end up calling the back as often as possible to get it done again. 

We believes in a higher standard of work, and that the quality of our work will speak for itself!

Trees are a responsibility, and if you want to keep your them healthy, then it’s an absolute necessity, not a luxury.  Health equals strength, which in terms means sturdiness.

Have it done regularly and let us handle the job. We will also help you deal with the insurance company if you ever need to file a claim.

Records and receipts from us will serve as proof that any damage wasn’t due to neglect, and will help you get compensation from your insurance claim much easier.

Growing fresh fruit can be a great experience for both you and your family here in Wilmington.  You get a whole new perspective on life and the foods you eat everyday once you put in the hard work to get it naturally.

If you are trying to grow fresh fruit on a tree you have on your property, then an annual trimming will help.  If your fruit is weighing the branches down, and causing other issues, then you are going to experience issues in the future if you try growing more fruit.

Cutting Them Down a Lot Quicker Than They Went Up

When it all fails, that’s the time to consider taking them down instead.  It’s not a job that we recommend anyone attempt on their own, even if they have the necessary tools.
It can be a very dangerous task unless done by trained professional that possesses the skills, and know all proper safety procedures to get it done.

Our staff are trained to get the job done while avoiding injuries and in an expedient manner.

There are several reasons that warrant calling the pros.

One good reason may be that the tree is simply in a bad location, and is causing a lot of issues as a result.  If it was planted years ago without putting enough thought into it, then you could be dealing with the consequences of it today.

We avoid making amateur mistakes, and will help you with the recovery if needed.  If it’s planted too close to any structure, or even your neighbor’s yard, then you could be dealing with all kinds of complaints.

As true specialists, we hear a lot of stories about neighbors constantly complaining to you saying that you can’t have a tree that close to their yard that it’s dropping branches among other things everywhere on their property. 

We can help you resolve the issue so that you can get a neighbor off of your back, and keep the finances intact.  Both of your properties will result in much better looks, and you’ll both be happier for hiring us.

Wood Chippers Are The Saving Grace

Wood chippers are a great way for us to save money and pass the savings onto our customers.  Not everyone does this, though.

Other companies increase their profit margins by charging their customer for cut-downs more than they should.
We are responsible and love to save you money.  We truly believe that success in business comes from great customer service and loyalty.

If you see us with a wood chipper, it means you are saving money!

It also saves us time, and labor of hauling logs away, then having to offload them multiple times before completing larger projects.  It’ll chop just about anything found in a yard into smaller bits, and relocate them into the trailer with hardly any labor!

The pulp that comes out after usage is also fantastic for mulching. We’d be happy to leave the wood chips for you to use.

Putting them in your garden promotes health, and is great for supporting growth of your plants.

Getting Rid Of A Stump

A tree stump can be a real nuisance to have to navigate around, and if you want to get rid of it you need someone who can grind it down.

It is the best and most efficient way to get rid of it. It’s also clean and will leave chips behind which help promote a healthy lawn!

Many believe it’s perfectly okay just to leave it sit in the middle of the yard.  The truth is that not only are you still missing out on a ton of potential space, but you are taking the risk of having it rot out.
If the stump begins to rot, then you’ll be attracting all sorts of insects that you don’t want anywhere near your home.  Call us up to take it out, and avoid the exterminators.

Give us a call today and we’ll give you the information you need to know and provide an estimate that you’ll love.