Emergency Tree Removal

Wilmington NC Emergency Tree Services

When the worst happens and you need emergency assistance with your trees you can rely on us to have you covered. Our 24 hour emergency service line is standing by ready and willing to help you with all of your urgent tree needs.

Not Just After a Storm 

As a professional tree service, we are there for you because we know that it is not just after a storm that our services can be required! Truth is a tree can suffer catastrophic damage in one event and not show any signs for weeks, months – even years. Until one day a large branch cracks or even the tree itself topples – that’s an emergency situation!

It’s also true of course that a great deal of the damage done to trees is the result of storms, high winds and heavy snowfall. After any of these extreme weather events it is always a good idea to inspect all the trees on your property, and call us in if you note any damage.

Always be extremely careful whilst inspecting tree however, paying particular attention to any broken branches that have not fallen, or any downed or damaged power lines. 

We’re Your 24 Hour Tree Service

We are on call to provide assistance with:

Hanging Branches – Branches that have come loose but not fallen are a real hazard to people and property and must always be treated with the utmost respect. If you notice a branch that has not yet fallen from your tree – especially if it is large and/or toward the top of the tree – call us immediately on our emergency line to deal with this issue safely and quickly.

Partially Fallen Trees – If a stuck branch is bad, a tree that has suffered a partial collapse is even worse! If you notice your tree is tilting, or if there is broken or raised soil around the base this suggests a tree that is no longer safe and stable. Again, call us immediately so that we can assess the situation and ensure that the tree is made safe as soon as possible.

Clearing Access – When a tree drops it is not fussy about where it lands! If you find that a fallen tree is blocking your driveway, paths, road or any other access points then don’t delay – call us immediately! We will be with you to safely remove the tree as soon as possible and restore your access.

Cracked Trunk – This is a sign of tree in serious distress, even if it seems ok at the moment. If you notice signs of cracking in your trees – whether it in the aftermath of a major storm or it is something you noticed during a summer BBQ – you should contact us immediately for a complete assessment. A cracked trunk could break at any time, posing a serious hazard to people and property.

Of course, even if you haven’t seen any of these or think you may have but are not sure, then please don’t hesitate to contact our emergency line for no obligation advice and assistance. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.