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Why Clear A Lot

​Our professional lot clearing services have long been the go to for both domestic and commercial lot clearing in Wilmington – and for good reason!

We are fully bonded and insured to complete all aspects of lot clearing – particularly with lots that contain trees. Many lot clearing companies will offer services with absurdly low quoted prices. They will then proceed to do a poor job of clearing your lot – if they even get round to doing it!

In particular, one of the problems we often see when we are called in to rescue situations such as this is tree stumps left behind in lots. 

​Or, even worse, a previous contractor has tried to remove large stumps with winching and excavating, leaving behind difficult to remove, partially destroyed stumps that take yet more time and money to properly remove. 

Call (910) 218-8212

That is not a concern you need have with us however! As a tree services company of many years experience right here in Wilmington, we can deploy the kind of highly skilled, well equipped arborists to safely and effectively remove all the trees on your lot during a clearance. We also, as described elsewhere on this website, have the training, tools and products to offer a comprehensive tree stump and root system removal service.

That way you know that when you hire us to clear your lot, it is going to get cleared! No half measures, no stumps left in the ground. A lot perfectly cleared and ready for whatever uses you want to turn it to.

We have years of experience in lot clearing, and across a wide range of uses too.

For domestic properties, we have been called in to clear away trees that are obscuring views. We have tackled vast overgrowths of trees and undergrowth where a homeowner wants a blank canvas for a new yard to be installed. What’s more, in instances such as this we can supply machinery to turn the vegetative waste into mulch. This material can be spread as nutrient dense topsoil on your property so the old, out of control yard actually ends up helping the new yard design to bed in and flourish.

We also have a number of commercial partners, and would be delighted to speak to you and add your company to our roster! In particular, we are highly skilled at clearing lots that are being prepared for future construction projects – whether this be houses, apartments even parking lots or shopping malls. As we discussed above, we have the skills, training, equipment and products to completely clear lots, turning over to you naked earth that is primed and ready to build on – saving you time and money.

Also, because we care about Wilmington as much as you do, our lot clearing service is as environmentally friendly as it is possible to make it. You can rest assured that material we remove is not simply dumped, but disposed of in a responsible way.

So if you have a patch of overgrown land you need clearing – no matter the reason – please feel free to contact us at any time to discus our lot clearing service, and how we can assist you. 

Call (910) 218-8212