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Why We Remove Stumps

​When a tree is removed it is always going to leave behind a reminder in the shape of its stump.

Many people, when considering removing a tree from their properties don’t give any thought to the stump that will be left behind.

They sometimes assume that the tree service will simply remove the stump as an extension of their tree removal service – however that is simply not the case!

Whilst we do offer a stump removal service, it does not come as standard as it does actually involve quite a lot of work! Sometimes in fact removing the stump can be more troublesome and time consuming as bringing down the actual tree itself.

That is why, as stated above, stump removal is a service we offer but it should also be noted that is an additional service.

Don’t worry, when we come to discuss the options available for the removal of the tree itself, our staff will also be happy to discuss stump removal options too. 

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Broadly speaking there are two methods to remove a stump, and we are able to offer both services. In addition, both methods have their own pros and cons, which we will be happy to discuss with you during our consultations to help you select the right method for you.


This is one of the best methods, as it usually results in the entire stump and supporting root network being removed from the ground. This leaves nothing behind to rot and attract fungi and diseases that can affect the remaining trees and pants.

Depending on the size of the stump to be dealt with there are a few different techniques that fall under the physical removal heading.
Smaller trees for example can simply have their stumps ripped out of the ground using a winch. Safely attaching the winch to the stump can however be tricky – it is therefore a stump removal method best left to our professional arborists.

It is also possible for us to use excavators to dig out the stump and root system. This is a more time consuming process than the winch, however it is an excellent way to ensure that all stump and root material is completely removed from the soil.

For larger trees we can supply, and safely operate, stump grinders. These powerful machines bore down into the stump, grinding it down into harmless sawdust that can be easily gathered and removed.


The alternative to the various physical methods is to employ a chemical stump killer, of which our arborists can supply and effectively use a whole range. These are best deployed immediately after the tree is brought down, when the stump remains alive.

Our arborist will bore a series of holes into the stump and pour in the chemical killing agent. The holes will allow it to easily sink through the stump structure, increasing the take up of the chemical.

Whilst this is a quicker and often more convenient method – particularly when compared to using loud machinery such as grinders – it does have it’s limitations. Pets and children must be kept away from the treated stump for a long period, making this method unsuitable in yards with families for example.    

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