Wilmington NC Storm Removal Services

We Help With Storm Damage

After the storm comes the clean up – and if the trees in your yard have suffered damage, we are there to help you!

Trees that are damaged during storms can pose serious risks both to people and to property – they are a falling hazard that must be assessed and dealt with safely.

Please always be careful when inspecting damage to your yard after a storm. If the tree has partially collapsed or has branches that have sustained damage but not yet dropped stay out of potential fall zones and call us immediately!

On the other hand of course, sometimes the storm damage is not dangerous but is merely an annoyance. If a tree has come down in your yard it may block access to your house, driveway or garage, it may have damaged the lawn or a paved area or patio that you would like to repair – but there’s a bit tree stuck on top of it!

There is also the simple issue that storm damage – including downed or damaged trees – is simply not nice to look at, is it? You want it cleaned up quickly, and that is just what we are here for.

What Can We Do About Damages During Storms